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Buying or selling a home is a huge decision. Having qualified people in your corner makes the process easier. Cheri is a full-time real estate broker right here on Whidbey Island with over 10 years of experience helping sellers list and buyers buy.  Take a peek below to see what others are saying about Cheri.


~Kareena Gonzalez

   Project Manager 

Fredde & Philip P.


Cheri English is a wonderful person and a real estate agent that deserves the highest accolades. (God knows we had are share of issues selling my property.) Cheri was always knowledgeable on what we needed to do, and clearly communicated how we would get it done. She worked tong and hard to assure the property sold and through it all she had the most delightful since of humor. Selling a house is always stressful and more so when you live out of the state. Cheri's whole personality radiates confidence, knowledge and a understanding and caring of others.

Shelley M.

Buyer & Seller

I would just like to share my experience with Cheri English as my realtor here in Oak Harbor. I bought a home here in Oak Harbor in 2004 with the idea that I would keep it and rented out until 2017, when I planned to retire. This was successful for awhile, but as the economy turned sour, I was unable to to keep it rented. At the same time I retired earlier than I had planned. I should say that I was living in Southern California when all of this was going on. I had a different realtor when I originally bought the house but was dissatisfied with her  services. I had met Cheri before and decided to hire her to help me sell my house and downsize. From the very beginning Cheri was proactive and informative. She sent me recent comps on a monthly basis and answered every question I had about them. When we decided on a price I felt I could make an informed decision on the basis of the information she gave me. My former home needed some work done, and she always took the time to send me more than one estimate to decide from  and let me know how long the businesses had been active in the area. She took countless pictures of all the improvements and did some of them herself to make my house more showable... when there was a wind storm she went over and checked on the house personally and removed broken branches. She held my hand long distance when traversing buying and selling in this economy had me biting my nails. When the  house sold and I bought a condo I felt that I had made the most informed decision that could be made. And she always kept a sense of humor. When I moved up here she made sure I had lots of information about the community. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a hardworking realtor who has her clients best interest in mind. 



Cheri English is my realtor and she did a good job of representing the property for sale, advertising, showings, ect...

Doug M.

Cheri English Rocks!! She exceeded expectations by taking care of the cracked living room window, and the broken water heater valve. 

Traci R.


Naturally, selling a house can be a stressful and overwhelming experience; doing so while living across the country can make the task feel even more daunting. We knew choosing the right agent to
represent us would be the most important factor in determining a successful sale. We interviewed three agents over the phone and invited each of them into our house to develop a marketing
strategy, which included a market analysis for an appropriate price point.

After our initial conversations, Cheri was a clear favorite of ours. Not only was she knowledgeable about the market in Oak Harbor, but she also had the ability to engage in personable conversation and expressed a desire to make this a positive experience for us as well as the tenants living in the house. Our tenant also said that Cheri was the clear choice from her perspective because Cheri showed more interest in learning about the property and took extra time
to discover all the aspects of the house that made it unique from other listings on the market. According to our tenant, the other agents rushed through the house and didn't bother discussing the
sales process with them at all. Cheri knew the importance of having the tenants on board to insure the success of future open houses and showings.

Once all three agents submitted their marketing strategy and proposed list price point, Cheri once again set herself apart from the competition by providing the most comprehensive market analysis
and realistic price point. One agent suggested a price point $50,000 less than Cheri, and the other suggested one about $30,000 higher. We felt Cheri's was by far the most realistic and immediately knew she was the right agent to represent us. She reassured us that she rarely gets the price wrong and is typically within $5,000 of the actually selling price. We were certain we had made the
right choice in agents, but I really didn't expect her price point to be that accurate. My husband and I decided to lower the asking price by $7000 at the very last minute. Cheri was fully supportive of our decision even though she expressed that she felt we could get the price we had originally agreed upon. She told us that she was there to guide us and offer her expertise; however, she said that we were in control of the listing and wanted to let us make the final

Within a week we had an offer, but it was riddled with contingencies and we weren't sure what to do. Cheri provided great advice and we were able to hold the first offer at bay without officially declining it. That allowed us time to receive a second offer that was above asking price and eerily on point with her initial price recommendation. Truly, Cheri's understanding of the market combined with her instincts make her an ideal agent. Most importantly, she went above and beyond to assist us in the prep work before the house hit the market. She made phone calls and arranged for landscapers and servicemen to visit the house to make sure it was in the best shape possible before any viewings. We could not be any more pleased with our experience, and I'm certain that much of that is due to Cheri's deligence and professionalism. She is by far the best agent we've
had the pleasure of working with. A self described "pit bull in pantyhose", she will work tirelessly for you to make sure you get top dollar for your house and not let any opportunity slip by.


Deb & Tom K.


Cheri was extremely professional and accommodating during our house hunting trip to the Oak Harbor/Anacortes area. At our first meeting she provided us with a complete portfolio of info about the housing market for the area and other general info  that gave us a better picture of services, areas of interest  ect that would be helpful in our decision making. Since then she has followed up with us providing regular updates on new listings that she knows would meet our parameters. We would highly recommend Cheri English. 

Jennifer H.

I have known Cheri for many years. I have recently gone through a life changing event that has changed my living arrangements as well. I had a home in Marysville, Wa Cheri helped me get proper information that was needed for legal purposes. She was expedient and carried herself in a professional matter even though we are friends outside of her business. Cheri demonstrates eagerness, and follow-through to see your project through. She stays in contact with you throughout the duration of your business transaction and is always available to see to your needs whatever it is. Whether you are looking to buy a new home, or selling, or just information on your property. I would highly recommend Cheri for your next property transaction.  

Karl K.


Cheri went above and beyond her responsibilities as a real estate agent and engaged multiple entities involved with my short sale, greatly assisting me and making a successful sale while I was overseas as an active duty sailor. 

I am very grateful for having her as my agent. She stuck through a very tough sale and was my third agent after the first two quit on me.   



Cheri was wonderful in helping me navigate the sale of my Dad's cottage during a real economic downturn. She did her homework well and found the price that would move the property and work to everyone's benefit. And she was right there to take care of any problems that arose on the property that needed immediate attention. Full marks to Cheri and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell on Whidbey Island. 

Orin B.


Cheri has been pushing hard to sell my home. She has taken every avenue possible to make it work. She deals with bank, other advertising agencies and does whatever it takes to make sure it is seen by buyers. I highly recommend her. 


Cheri English catered to my every need and I didn't even stress one bit. She handled all of the scheduling and answered all my questions. 

Chris & Jen M


Cheri English has been great helping us move across the country. We are being transferred from VA to WA. She has provided great information for the area and has helped relieve stress and fears with this move. 



Cheri has been instrumental in facilitating my recent move from Illinois to Washington State. Particularly, Cheri helped me with renting an apartment in my destination by connecting me with the right people  from a local property management, which lead to my renting a new place without the need to fly across the country to complete the transaction in person. Her knowledge of local real estate  was very impressive and responsiveness was very prompt. Thanks to Cheri assistance, I have moved without problems and live now in a 


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There is a lot to do to get from listing to sold! As your Listing Broker, I will be there for you every step of the way.


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